Where To Buy Active Mobile Number Database-Cell Phone Numbers List

People new in telemarketing and general mobile marketing are always in need of active mobile numbers to call in order to reach new clients. Our mobile number database are smartphone owners and are active online. We assure you of more click through rates and activities with our database.

Why You Need These Mobile Numbers/Cell Phone Numbers List?

 Lift Your Sales

You can use these numbers to support your sales and business exposure by sending bulk SMS to the numbers.

Connect With The Ideal People

These numbers are not just ideal for businesses; no you have to expand your horizon If you are a legislator that need to get the confidence of the electorate during pre-election (campaign) period. You can use our database for your electioneering effort and political awareness.

Do Everything: Endless Possibilities

These numbers are perfect for you whether you will likely sell, promote, advise, inform or essentially to create awareness about your up and coming projects or items. You can utilize this savvy, reliable and targeted method for reaching out to specific audience with assurance of having the desired results. Every business owner or anyone that desires to reach a wider audience and giving them a certain feel of closeness( because someone who can text you, feels closer to you already even if you don’t know them). For example an artiste can reach more audience in his area via bulk sms’s . Absolutely anyone in any field will find them beneficial, a breath of fresh air and convenient.

Higher Open Rate

The rate at which telephone users open text messages is a little shy away from a hundred percent. No other marketing effort can flaunt the success rate associated with Mobile marketing. The success rate of SMS marketing is high basically because mobile devices are great allies to numerous users, it’s quite likely that someone would open his text message more than any other notification in his/her mobile phone.

Mobile devices have become one of the essential commodities that numerous people can’t stand to leave behind. Hence, the active visitor clicking percentage of text messages is very high and the very best available in media marketing till date. As advanced as technology has become our banks still send us notifications via text messages, as well as Facebook still give us notifications via texts (most times we open these texts and ignore the actual Facebook notification on the Facebook application), so text messages always win.


Our database is in various packages which is affordable for any company that wants to take their business to the next level.


Whether you are an established or start up company you will need the power of mobile marketing to sell your products and services. Make sure to check our shop section before leaving the site.

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  1. Dave Swanson says:

    Can I buy a cell phone number list specific to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and can I qualify the age group that I am sending the message to? I am looking for a specific market age 50 to 65.

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